Monday, 20 August 2007

Balinese holiday homes fraudulently "sold" to foreigners, normally by expat crooks.

Warning: Do Not Buy Villas in Bali

There are many Bali villas real estate sites all showing dream vacation homes available for "freehold" with "significant investment return" and / or "rental potential"; do not believe a word of it, they are all liars, fraudsters and I will explain why. The only legal method for foreigners to control the all important aspects of a villa in Bali is not currently used by villa sales agents, you can read about this method here: ABN Method.

I will take you through the various cons (there are three main ones) each of these sales agents employ at least one of. I will show you that foreigners can not own land and can not own property and can not legally operate holiday villas for rent in Bali (unless you use the above method), citing the Indonesian civil code (law) and what it means. The only foreigners that can have the right of use of a residential property in Bali and for that matter the whole of Indonesia are those with legitimate work permits who are resident there and only then on rent as their main residence. So many villa agents promise customers they will get them a work permit / residency and generally they will, through corruption; but that makes the visa unlawful. But even if you could get a work or residency permit lawfully, I will explain why you do not want one; because you will need to pay personal income tax to the Indonesian tax man on your worldwide earnings. See: Bali Villas Laws

I will explain what these fraudsters and the corrupt officials they "work with" get up to under feign of professional real estate sales. I will show you that even the squeaky clean estate agents in Bali with International head offices and / or operations are actually squeaking rats who are out to defraud you and make a fast, very dishonest buck. I will give you examples of what will likely to happen to you and your dream Balinese vacation home after you part with your hard earned money that will show you it is all a paradise island nightmare.

The desire by foreigners to own a little slice of what they think is paradise with their own luxury beachfront villa has created a plethora of devious real estate agents, mostly foreigners with some very dubious and often criminal backgrounds ready to defraud you of your money in a country where theft and corruption is the norm; read my warnings!

I will help anyone who is determined to buy into a luxury Balinese holiday villa dream by detailing the safest and totally legal way of making the most of a bad deal for foreigners wanting to get into the vacation home rental market under, or rather outside Indonesian law. My help is free and I neither want nor expect anything in return for it; see ABN Method. My sole aim is to stop foreigners being ripped off as much as I can; I still do not think, even with my advice, investing in Bali's villa industry is worth the risk and heartache. My best advise therefore is do not buy into Bali villas, period; it is all a dangerous nasty con.